Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund UK

The Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund UK (TBLTF) was formed to support children with a variety of disabilities. The object of the TBLTF is to improve the quality of life for children who have received Bowen Therapy treatment by providing grants for electrical, mechanical, sensory or electronic equipment as well as access to treatment, advice and food supplements from suitably qualified professionals where this may improve the physical, mental or emotional health of the child.

TBLTF is a non-profit organisation, set up with a small charity constitution. It was set up in 2010 as the UK branch of the original fund based in Geelong, Australia, formed in 2003 by co-trustees Ron Phelan (member of the Bowen Therapists' Federation of Australia) and Chris Reed (president of the Bowen Association of Australia). Meet the current Trustees.

Tom Bowen (the originator of the various forms of Bowen Therapy taught today) found the time he spent helping children with disabilities extremely rewarding and the TBLTF was initiated to continue this important work.

Applications for grants can be made online or by requesting an application form on our contact page.

Supporting children with disabilities
TBLTF leaflet

Please share our digital leaflet (PDF) with anyone who may be interested in making a grant application, wishes to support the Fund, or is interested in finding out more about the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund.

There are two versions - a high resolution leaflet, suitable for printing, and a low resolution leaflet, suitable for emailing to your friends, family and colleagues.

If you would like any of our printed (trifold) leaflets posted to you, please get in touch.


Become a supporter of the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund by setting up a Standing Order to make regular payments (monthly or annually). Further details about how to make a donation (from collections taken in clinic or as one-off gifts) can be found on our Donations page.

Corporate Sponsors

Bowen Therapy Professional Association
Matt Hudson
John Wilks Bowen Training
Robert Smith Bowen Training
Bowen for children

Remembering Tom Bowen

What was the world of Geelong's legendary Tom Bowen really like? What do those who who flocked to him have to say about his talent to 'fix them' when credentialed and envious others failed?

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TBLTF Awards

TBLTF Awards

TBLTF Australia has been supporting children with special needs since 2006. To continue this great legacy in the UK we need your help. Funds raised are distributed to children with disabilities who have received Bowen Therapy.

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Origins of Bowen Therapy


Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982) was the originator of what is now known as "Bowen Therapy". Tom, as he was known to many, was a humble man who over many years developed the therapy which he practised in Geelong for several decades.

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