TBLTF UK Trustees

The current trustees of the TBLTF are Joanne Patterson (Chair), Nicholas Tobin, Richard Baverstock, Susi Sheen, Robert Smith and Lindsay Holder.

You can contact any of the trustees via the email address , specifying the name of the Trustee you wish to contact in the subject line.

Joanne Patterson BA (Hons), MSc Psychology

Joanne Patterson

Joanneā€™s career began in Zambia where she started and supported several charitable foundations. She has practiced as a trained family counsellor throughout her career and more recently in the last 8 years, in systemic hypnotherapy.

She trained with Ron Phelan, Dr Nixon-Livy and David Howells, in Bowen in 2008. David Howells invited her to join the Trust in 2014. She trained with Professor Stossier in Austria, in the Mayr Cure, applying Kinesiology in over-arching health interventions. Practicing as a systemic health practitioner, she runs The Refocus Clinic.

Nicholas Tobin BSc MBTPA

Nicholas Tobin

Originally a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, an illness caused a total change of direction in to Bowen Therapy, which literally put me back on my feet. I've been practising Bowen since 2013 at my clinic on the Wirral where I've treated all age ranges from 2 weeks to 92 years. Even younger if you class pregnant mums.

As well as being involved with the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund for the last seven years I'm also currently chairman of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association.


Richard Baverstock BSc (Hons) Ost Med, BEng (Hons)

Richard Baverstock

Richard's first career in Computer Systems Engineering provided some useful skills when setting up the website for the TBLTF, and he continues to provide IT support to the team.

Richard trained in Bowen Technique in 1999 with the European College of Bowen Studies, and later qualified as an Osteopath in 2008. As well as running a busy multi-therapy clinic in Leicester, he also provides support to the Bowen Therapy Professional Association in various roles.


Susi Sheen

Susi Sheen

Susi became drawn towards the Bowen Technique whilst working as a Remedial Massage Therapist up to Manipulative Therapy and Sports Massage Level and engaging in on-going Continuing Professional Training on a regular basis during the 1990s and becoming a Chartered Physiotherapist. She was fascinated with what Tom Bowen's work was able to do very simply and quickly for her clients, rather than the longer way Remedial Therapy worked on their muscular and skeletal issues in comparison.

Susi loved the idea that children were offered free treatments by some of her fellow practitioners and she followed suit in her practice.

Susi is a qualified Occupational Therapist and has had experience in the Wheelchair Service as well as Aids to Daily Living, all valuable knowledge when allocating funds for our recipients.

Robert Smith

Robert Smith






Lindsay Holder

Lindsay Holder

Lindsay trained in Bowen Therapy back in 2006 after searching for a suitable treatment for her horse. She always wanted to work with animals and people alike and Bowen seemed the perfect fit. After many years of training and searching for 'more' Lindsay ended up in Australia under the wings of Smart Bowen. It is there she felt her career really transformed to what it is today.

Lindsay's main modality is Bowen, and she now teaches for Smart Bowen®. She has since trained in Systematic Kinesiology and become a Functional breathing Instructor.



Neil Milliken

From Scotland, initially worked in paediatric dentistry, oral surgery, then Edinburgh medical school (1985) & rural GP for 21 years; re-trained in naturopathic nutrition, Gerson therapy, Biodynamic/Upledger cranio-sacral, Emmett, Bowen, and initial training in Energy medicine (Donna Eden).

Main interests are nutrition and hands-on approaches to chronic illness, using the Chinese 5 element system, Applied kinesiology, and natural approaches to neurological conditions. My other interests are classical singing, piano, and languages.

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