About the TBLTF UK

TBLTF UK is a small charity - the trustees are Claire Harrison (Chair person), Erica Moss (Vice-Chair person), Graham Hayden, Jo Patterson and Richard Baverstock. We are looking for support from practitioners, student practitioners and clients - anyone who has benefited from The Bowen Technique.

The trust would appreciate input and support, especially to identify children who would benefit from a gift. We are appealing to anyone independently running a Bowen children’s clinic, members of regional interest groups (RIGs) and especially all practitioners across the country and their clients. If you would like to be involved with the TBLTF UK, please contact us.

Find a children's clinic

If you are looking to find a Bowen Therapy clinic which specifically treats children, you may wish to visit the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) website.


Follow us on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account please follow the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund UK for updates on donations and gifts made of equipment.

You may also wish to follow the Bowen Children's Clinic Network. This network aims to provide general information, discussions, Q&As, clinic info, testimonials, photos, case studies. It is for use by anyone with an interest in Bowen for children.

Find a Bowen Therapist

There are two main professional associations in the UK, one linked to a teaching school (the Australian BOWTECH organisation) - The Bowen Association UK - and an independent association which has no ties to any teaching college or school and accepts Bowen Therapists onto its register from a list of approved schools and teachers - The Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA).

Free flyers!

We had the assistance of the graphic design company 'Box Three' (www.box-3.co.uk) to produce a glossy A5 flyer which explains in an easy format what the fund is about. Ideal to give out to any clients with children, or leave in your clinic reception.

These flyers are being made available, by BTPA, for free (with a £2 postage charge applied per 100 leaflets).

If you are a member of BTPA visit the merchandise page of the members’ area to place an order for these flyers.

We hope that therapists find these flyers useful and thank you once again for helping us spread the word about TBLTF and continue to raise essential funds for those children with special needs that we can help.